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ey ey ey all u bubblebutt’s. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  this is PART 2 so M-Z

tumblr is being a lil’ bitch so i have to do this in 2 parts since it gives me an internal server error(25th time srsly)

so i recently hit 1.1k which i think it’s crazy and it’s only been a few months say what. It’s been a while since i’ve done a follow forever & i’ve wanted to do a second one for a long time!  I kept postponing it since i follow a lot of rad blogs and it’s going to take too g o d d a m n long to list all of the baes and i’m too lazy to do it. except now. [EPIC BACKGROUND MUSIC]

first of all, i want to thank every single follower for sticking with me and my perverted jokes i promise i’ll be good from now on don’t believe me, i’m lying srsly.  whip me.

this isn’t the emmy’s or golden globe so i’m just going to start without a speech except the one i just did but that’s nothing so don’t say anything about it you little shit

are u ready? no? too bad sucker

here we go


missdorian - memorysequence - mrnathandrakemoirasburtonmrsattano - murderouscrows - missdewitts - misterzevran - misscomstock - nowaykenway - never-trust-an-elf - n7commander - no-puppy-eyes - nerdsandgamersftw - nyiro - niiyora - nakdsnake - nnathandrakee - officialfetchwalker - orlesiantrash - officialraymondkenney - officialandraste - officialedwardkenway - officialpavus - ohdewitt - omegastation - ominousdeer - prototypevirus - pieceoflembas - professorportal - piecesofrapture - plasmarifles - queencouslands 


reggierowe - renegons - rinkydinkdagger - romatomato529 - robluteces - rnorrigans - raiderlara - samekeating - skyllianblitzkrieg - someonefetchdelsinrowe - stephsmontenegro - sercullenthelionheart - sexbutt - spacedaddygarrus - spectrehawke - ssv-normandy - shingekinokyojinheaven - shirtlessvideogamemen - shepards-normandy - sheprd - skyllianblitzkrieg - tlou-cry-club - temerianinquisition - the-false-sheperd - thiscatgames - templar-queen - tethrasing - troybakerz - transkaidan - trevelayn - troybakerofficial - turianbae - timelordsnshit - touchmebuttons - talizorrahs - the-champion-of-the-citadel - themerrywaltz 


uuvvula - udinas - vergilss - verggil - venetianassasssin - vidick - vincisomething - vakarianing - vaniccio - vaulthunt3r - vviktoriaa - workingonausername - we-are-so-fucked-jason - wecosvinosec - wedontgivethatup - wewontdestroyyou - winterbcky - xbat-girlx - yourwatchisbroken - youareindeedacassette - zylium - zev-ran - zevlag

as you can see i have no bolded ones or ones in italic b/c as a momma i love all of my followers equally what did i just say OmFG

that took too damn long. omg

I’m not going to post my blogroll since I follow some NSFW- blog so ye ye ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

i want you to tell urself you’re  the bomb right now b/c you are.

say it.

out loud.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

part  1 here

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Update 9.17.14 

In case anyone was wondering where I was…

My friends were so desperate for a healer (in World of Warcraft) that they bought me the game—not the upcoming expansion—and have spent at least 10,000+ gold on me and have been powerleveling me since late Saturday night.

I’m currently a Night Elf Druid on the Proudmoore server (Alliance, obviously). I just hit 64. We’re finally taking a break and we’ll be starting up again after tonight’s patch. I’ll probably hit 70+ by the end of the night.

The lesson: hold out until they need you and have everyone hand you everything.

In all seriousness, I’m happy to be back on WoW. I have a love/hate relationship with this game. It was part of my childhood and I’ve been getting nostalgia chills since the login screen on the first night. 

I look forward to playing casually for the next few months. I’m still unsure about what character I’m going to boost. I would really love to play a Warlock… Ah well. That’s all the babbling for now.

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Mass Effect Trilogy + Cinematic Trailers

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**quietly jumps aboard the blog awards bandwagon**

i’ve wanted to do this for a while but wasn’t sure when to start…until today!

aight, so here be the rules for this thing:

  • all you have to do is reblog or like this once. you can re-reblog it if you want, but just one time throws your name into the ring, so
  • you don’t necessarily have to be following me, but it’d be cool if you did!
  • your blog must be about 75% gaming (a bit rich coming from me, seeing as my blog is all over the place, BUT most of the blogs i follow are gaming blogs, sooooooooo…)

next up, the categories~! there will be one winner and two runners-up in each category

  • best overall content
  • best theme
  • best url
  • best edits
  • best gifs
  • kindest to followers
  • funniest blogger (humor is v important 2 me ok)

finally, THE PRIZES!

  • winners in each category: a special promo post every day for two weeks
  • a follow back (if i’m not already doing so)
  • their choice of two gifsets, two edits or a combination of the two (if it’s something i don’t typically work with, feel free to direct me to screenshots/video footage)
  • runners-up will receive a promo for one week, a follow back, and one gifset or edit

this ends on october 31 (so i have extra time to get stuff done), and the winners will be announced hopefully no later than a week afterwards).

good luck!

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Scarlett Johansson, by Paolo Reversi for Vogue

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I need to finish my tag page… *groans loudly*

Though saying I need to “finish” it wold imply that I have actually worked on it. >_>

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Pirates of the Caribbean/Skyrim Mashup.
Klaus Badelt vs Jeremy Soule.
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Pirates of the Caribbean/Skyrim Mashup by flipboit4midles.